Is There a Due-Process Violation?

Thousands of private emails were collected during the investigation concerning Russian meddling with the elections. Politico reports that:

I am not an expert on all legal matters, but did Trump agree to allow the government to spy on all Americans and be able to collect data from their emails, telephone conversations, texts, etc.? I wonder if the Patriot Act special powers applies to this situation? I don’t know, I’m seriously asking this question. Please comment a reply if you’re aware of the answer?

Uh Oh! Democrats Already Spreading Rumors about Trump and Mueller?

As I’m sitting here trying to collect all of the current information about the alleged rights violation, I happened to find this Tweet from The Hill:

This was perfect timing to post that article in my opinion. I could just imagine them saying, “Wait for it.. wait for it.. OK, NOW!” and then they push the publish button. Or maybe it was all just a coincidence, you decide for yourself or ask The Hill personally.

What do you think will become of this situation? Will Trump fire Mueller? Is the government overstepping legal boundaries with these emails or are they protected by some article somewhere that overrides due process in a form of partial martial law? I look forward to reading your comments!