You may never heard of Gary Johnson or know enough about him to vote for him as the media only provided very limited yet embarrassing coverage during the 2016 Presidential Elections. During this election, the majority of the campaigners for President Trump and/or Hillary Clinton were commonly promoting a vote for him/her so you don’t get the other him/her. This can be entirely frustrating to the American people and may want someone whom the majority can vote for rather than someone primarily to vote against.

But then I read the headlines from a Facebook post that Gary Johnson, Libertarian Presidential Candidate, created and it got me thinking. It seems a great deal of Americans, nearly 50%, didn’t even vote and many who did may have been persuaded with the ‘lessor evil’ mentality. So, why not have a “none of the above” on the ballot? If “none of the above” wins, there should be a new election with different candidates. What a wonderful idea! Just set the elections earlier to account for the possibility of having a re-election in time for the presidential change.

I’ve also heard of good ideas like “Approval Voting”. however, the media is heavily bias with the 2 parties and it enjoys snuffing out competition for some reason. What’s wrong with competition? Everyone is frustrated with Congress who always seems to get the lowest approval ratings term after term, yet the same political parties and sometimes the same people, get re-elected over and over again. Something isn’t quite adding up. To keep politicians in check and for the sake of the American voters, I think this is a wonderful idea. What are your thoughts? Please rate, comment, and share.